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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  February 7, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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good afternoon, i'm sydnie a powerful blast and a huge fireball blazes into the bay area sky today. good afternoon, everyone. i'm sydnie kohara. >> i'm allen martin. thank goodness nobody was hurt but this morning's explosion at a utility station in contra costa county certainly jolted nerves. also, shut down roads. christen ayres is in walnut creek to tell us what happened. >> reporter: well, neighbors say it sounded like bombs were dropping when the switch gear at this substation exploded around about 7:00 this morning. and it all happened just a few hundred feet from where residents and their children were sleeping. home video shows the explosion ripping through a walnut creek substation with a deafening roar. >> it sounded like something was blowing up. i mean it sounded like bombs to
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me. >> reporter: an explosive fireball with a visible electric current. >> it was just like light fling going on after the clouds shot up in the sky. >> reporter: panicked neighbors grabbed what they could and ran. >> my kids and my family. we took the car and we leave. we have everything here and we don't care about the things that we left, you know. >> hop in the car and we were out of here within about 0 seconds. >> reporter: firefighter -- 60 seconds. firefighters say this pumping facility lost power over the weekend and was running on a generator. >> when the employees showed up this morning they tried to restore normal pg&e service and during that transfer process, the mishap occurred. >> reporter: for some reason, the switch blew. firefighters say luckily the flames never touched oil or liquid-filled equipment. and no toxic chex chemicals were released. >> i don't think i can comfortably live here after that. it is woresome.
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you're always going to be on edge knowing it is right there. >> reporter: and once again, there were no injuries in this particular incident. and speaking to firefighters earlier today, they say there was also -- there were no hazardous materials, no concerns of walter or electricity or -- water or electricity or anything like that. the investigation however is conditioning. >> thank you in walnut creek. a close call in san francisco this morning. neighbors there waking up to smoke and flames close to their homes. sharon chen is on the scene and she tells us recent arson investigations in the area may have saved their lives. sharon, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, many people feared that this fire was the fifth arson in as many days. it wasn't, but concern over the arson helped save some fire victims. >> the flames were shooting so high. they caught the home next to ours. >> robert says he and his wife, eight months pregnant, escaped
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the fire that spread to their home from next door. all six people got out from both buildings safely. >> a police patrol was driving by and saw the flames started. they came and banged on our door, and we got out and immediately it just took off. >> reporter: he says police were patrolling undercover in the lower twin peeks neighborhood following four suspected arson fires in four days about a mile away in the castro district. the fires broke out in the early morning. so when this two alarm blaze started at 3:00 a.m., and jumped from the two units at 390 corbett avenue, to the house on 1370 clayton street, investigators got suspicious. >> we are concerned, trying to see if there is a link to the fires from last week. >> reporter: by daylight, investigators concluded this morning's fire was not suspicious at all. they blamed spontaneous combustion. apparently, it started with rags used to stain a brand new deck and fence at the corbett
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avenue home. >> the chemical process, it breaks down, the oxidation occurs over several hours and the chemical heats up to the point of ignition. >> reporter: good news that it is not another in a string of arsons. >> it is a big sense of release. not just for the arson investigators and firefighters, but especially the residents in the area. it has been very tense lately. and you know, not having found a person of interest at this point. we have people doing home improvement projects. and firefighters say it is not unusual for them to come to a fire started by spontaneous combustion and they say the key when you're doing a painting or staining project, take the rags and soak them in water so they don't ignite. a couple of minutes ago, a police officer, two plain clothes officers who alerted the residents and helped get them out are officers wu and knight. and the police department may be recommending them for some sort of a reward for their actions today. sidney? >> wow, the right place at the
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right time. sharon, thank you very much. sharon chen in san francisco. a senior google executive who had been detained in egypt is free this afternoon. the marketing manager for the mountain view based company was reported missing about a week and a half ago. now, he had been protesting in cairo. but this morning, al-jazeera reported the government was holding him and then released him today. and today marks two weeks of protests in egypt. cairo's central square still packed with thousands of demonstrators, although as you see, the protests are more peaceful now. and banks, some stores are actually open again. and meanwhile, egypt's government is offering more concessions in an effort to end the anti-government sentiment on the streets. it is raising worker salaries and pensions by 15%. but protesters still vow to stay until president hosni mubarak steps down. the families of three uc berkeley grads charged with espionage in iran say they're
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glad the case is finally nearing an end. shane bauer and josh fattal appeared in a iranian courtroom and pleaded not guilty. the attorney says there will be at least one more court session. those two men, along with sara shourd were hiking in iraq near the iranian border in july of 2009 when they were taken into custody. shourd was released in september and pleaded not guilty. a hearing was held this morning in a civil rights lawsuit involving a bay area school. last cinco de mayo, students at this high school in morgan hill were told to remove their american-themed clothing or go home. and now, parents are suing both the school and the morgan hill unified school district. today's hearing is to determine whether the district will remain part of the case. hope for parents and students in contra costa county. the mount diablo unified school district says it may postpone tomorrow's vote on closing three schools to consider a new
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option. according to the contra costa county times, parents received a memo in the mail on friday, saying the board may look at a new idea that has not yet been discussed. trustees are looking to save the district $1.5 million a year. well, coming up, a favorite party favor that could be a thing of the past for kids in a bay area city. plus, questions after a marathoner questions and dies, the mistake that slowed down the paramedics. all in the timing. the diet choice new parents make that could increase their child's risk of obesity later in life. and andrew bernard in the cbs 5 weather center. and temperatures cooling off dramatically today from yesterday's record-setting pace. we will look at the forecast in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fr athon. this afternoon, medical examiners looking at the body of a runner who died in the san francisco half marathon, they will determine whether to conduct an autopsy. 36-year-old peter hess collapsed as he approached the finish line yesterday. witnesses are questioning the reaction of race officials and say response time was slow and it took paramedics 20 minutes to go there and the fire dispatcher says the paramedics were given the wrong address. kids love them but walnut creek may take a bounce out of a popular activity in the park. a park commission in walnut creek will decide today whether to ban the bounce houses. the city staff says those inflatable jump houses chew up the grass and they're a liability and they eat up employee's time with permits and enforcement. several nearby cities have already banned the bounce houses. a new risk for women who have survived breast cancer. and many new parents can't wait to open up that jar of baby food and give infants a little
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taste. but as terrell brown explains, there may be a reason to wait for that. >> reporter: early introduction to solid foods could raise the risk of obesity among formula fed in fans and researchers found that those who ate solid before the age four months were more likely to be obese at age three if they were not breast fed or stopped early. and the increased risk was as much as six fold and did not appear for infants who were breast fed for at least four months. most children with attention deficit hyper activity disorder have one more problem that makes the situation difficult. those with adhd are more likely to surfer from other issues like anxiety or learning disability. and researchers found two- thirds of children with adhd had at least one additional condition. and breast cancer survivors appear to have an increased risk for hip fractures. a combination of chemotherapy and other breast cancer treatment could lead to rapid bone loss by the time a survivor middle age and hip fractures are normally uncommon
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in women younger than 70. those are some of the top medical stories. i'm terrell brown, cbs news, new york. billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs to bring an international event to the bay area. and the pint-sized villain who has become a super bowl sensation. otline. 888 5 - helps - u. volunteers are there right now. and a reminder, if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hot line. 888-5 helps u. volunteers are there right now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the dow jones looking good for a monday. how about jobs, revenue, and international prestige? there is a push to bring the world's fair to silicon valley. the bay area council is trying to bring the expo to mountain view's moffett field in the year 2020. the international event would cost a billion dollars to host. but the council says it would generate about $5.5 billion in revenue. the event could draw 25 million visitors from around the world, and create 42,000 jobs. aol is set to buy the huffington post. that's the web news site. they would spend $315 for it.
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and the co-founder ariana huffington will be in charge of all aol content. the web site attracts about 25 million visitors each day. the deal is the latest in a series of moves by aol to help reinvigorate the online presence. preorders for the verizon iphone 4 are on hold until wednesday. that's because the wireless company sold so many last thursday, a whole day's worth in just two hours, and that was just for current verizon customers. everybody else is going to have to wait until thursday to get an iphone but supplies are likely to be very tight. well, we've been enjoying gorgeous weather here. it is a different story on the east coast. all of the snow is causing new problems. you could call it snow slide. ice and snow that slid off a roof crushed two cars in boston. the impact blew out those windshields. neighbors have now put up caution tape along the sidewalk, and the temperatures rise, and the snow melts, and that happens to windshields and imagine what it could do to a
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person. >> no kidding. and meantime, we're basking in the sunshine. jim bernard with us to tell us how good it is out there. >> it doesn't get much better than this. as we saw, 24 records set this weekend. for record high temperatures. and still, a lot of sunshine out there. across the bay. as we look across the south bay. mostly sunny skies. and the temperatures down dramatically today. about 10-15 degrees. for most locations. and clear blue skies. the offshore winds have settled down a bit today. they will ramp up again tomorrow. and we will see a little bump, a couple of degrees, in the temperatures, through midweek. and it looks like the pattern will finally be pushing off to the eastern half of the country by the weekend. which could cause some more rapid melt problems for them. and although i'm sure they will enjoy the warmup. and take a look at today's highs, we will look for the upper 60s to low 70s. out across the interior, and everybody will be under mostly sunny skies and dry and mild, through the week, and with the pattern change on tap by the end of the week, into early next week.
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and again, tonight, we will look for mostly clear skies, and we're not going to be in the 60s this evening but dropping back into the 40s. and which is right where we ought to be this time of the year. and high pressure systems still parked off the west coast, although it does look like it is finally going to move, come the weekend, and into next week. and through the week, we will look for dry and mild. sunshine, milder temperatures, no more records, from the looks of things. as we will expect that pattern change, to bring back the rain, to the west coast, which has been long overdue at this point. and daytime highs today. we're looking for upper 60s to low 70s. a good 10 degrees down from yesterday. back on the peninsula and toward the beach, mid to low 60s. to prevail there. in the east bay again, we will look for the upper 60s, and low 70s. and with the north bay, following suit. and at 80 yesterday in santa rosa and down to 70 today. and again, we will hang in there with the mild weather pattern through the week. beginning to cool, by the weekend. and as we see the chance of rain, returning back to the forecast, after a long overdue
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break, and it looks like by next week, it is back to winter we go, once again. >> jim, thanks very much. looking good throughout the week. well, from green bay to san francisco, fans across the country are celebrating the packers super bowl win. [ cheering ] >> cheeseheads unite. the packers beat the pittsburgh steeler 31-25 to take home the fourth super bowl title and quarterback aaron rogers who came from cal threw three touchdown passes and led the team to victory and named the super bowl mvp. last night's game, some fans were super furious. more than 1,000 people kept behind this gai gate even though they had tickets. at the last minute, the fire marshal says their seating section was unsafe. >> can you imagine? >> 800 fans eventually allowed to watch from the hospitality area. or up in the nosebleed section. and 400 other fans got a letter from the nfl, promising a
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refund of three times the face value of their ticket. >> how frustrating, though. >> and these days, many people watch the game for just the commercials. bud light, doritos, volkswagen pulled out all the stops and another year of high dollar and the one i like the dogs acting like humans and they were the winners of this year's favorite commercials. >> hey, guys. >> "usa today" annual ad meter, this commercial featuring a pug chasing down a bag of chips. >> the pug's owner says his friends made the commercial in less than two weeks. it cost them $500. the other winner, a bud light commercial, about a dog sitter who gets the animals to cater the party. you can train them. ♪ [star wars theme playing ] >> another super bowl favorite was this volkswagen commercial, the mini darth vader, became a
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viral hit before the game. and the little darth vader tries to use the powers of the force to move a washing machine and a dog and a baby doll and when he is about to give up look what happens. he magically starts the car in the driveway. >> luke, i am your father and i can start the car. perhaps more talked about with the commercials, what happened on the field before the game even started. ♪ what so proudly we watched ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming. >> oops. how christina aguilera is explaining her super bowl fumble. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today's tip of the day is going to be with string beans. the blue lake beans. i've done a tip on these before, maybe about two months ago, may three months ago. let me tell you something. look at the quality of these beans this time of the year. they're imported in. take a look how green are. that is what you got to find. the greener they, are the better they are. not as long as the summer time. a little bit shorter. but the player is out of this world. when you buy them, the greener the better. free from any rust coloring or any shriveling whatsoever. when you bring them home, in the refrigerator right away. and that is so important. don't hold them for too long. two or three days at the most. when they're this good, you buy them and you enjoy them. and i like to steam them and then i saute them, blanch them, after i steamed them and saute
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with garlic and olive oil and a little pecorino-romano cheese, a great thing. i'm tony tantillo your fresh grocer and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. these beans are great. not the first time a singer has flubbed the national anthem. probably won't be the last. >> here is christina aguilera at the super bowl if you didn't hear it last night. ♪ through the perilous fight. ♪ what so proudly we watched. ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming. ♪ and the rockets red glare. >> christina augustare a left out, over the ramparts we watched and replaced with an earlier line. >> she said she got lost in the moment and released a statement saying today, i can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem
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still came through. >> she didn't stop in the middle of it. but i tell you -- >> like the quarterbacks have the wristband with the plays, shoe have the lyrics right there. >> hey -- you should have the lyrics right there. >> whatever works. >> if you have to do it, i will make one for you. >> that is for the cbs 5 news at noon. >> tonight at 5:00, taking tips from the stone age, the diet that is helping people dramatically lower blood pressure without going to the gym. have a great day, everyone. ,,
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